Friday, February 19, 2010

Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera

I have been in the market for a decent camcorder for a while now. All my previous video work has been through the built in iSight web cam built into my MacBook. Obviously that was not an idea setup. Poor quality vido, poor audio and awkward positioning being the main issues.

I wanted something that was small sized and portable, did not require a lot of gear, decent indoor video quality, and in the 200 dollar price range. The three cameras that fit these requirements included the Flip MinoHD, Creative Vado HD and the Kodak Zi8

Hands down the Kodak Zi8 really stands above the rest. Features including:
- 1080p video with 16:9 aspect ratio
- SD card slot
- External microphone jack
- Image stabilization
- Removable battery

I have uploaded a short test video to YouTube of SA walking that I took with the Zi8.

I plan to use this camera to keep this blog updated with my progress on Second Amendment, offer some coverage of the events I attend, generate some how-to and project videos and document any projects Team Upgrayd works on in the future.

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