Thursday, March 11, 2010

SA Improvements Underway

Attending the CIRC Bot Brawl was a great proving ground for SA. Myself and the Mech Warefare participants in attendance learned a lot.

A few things that I observed:

Circuit protection
SA's camera and transponder are unprotected from stray bbs.

Gun Wiring
Wiring is a mess up on the turret. Will need to look into some better wire management.

Turret Mechanical Limits
Turret unable to aim down making it impossible to shoot low mounted targets on close mechs.

Fine Turret Control
My fine turret control needs to be finer. Will make aiming much easier.

Small Camera Image
The camera image on the drivers end is much too small. Needs to be full screen.

Large Step Length
Need a larger gradient on step length. Will make positioning and aiming easier.

Ugly Target Panels
Would like to dress these up to match the robot. Possibly add some Upgrayd Labs logos or some kind of made up paramilitary decal.

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