Monday, May 10, 2010

Introducing IPMechCam

IPMechCam is a cross platform python program to display a motion jpeg stream from an IP camera. The intent is to provide a powerful, customizable and easy to use application for anyone to use in the Mech Warfare robotics competition.

By default IPMechCam will support the TRENDnet TV-IP100W camera with the option to expand support for other similar IP cameras.

The most interesting feature of IPMechCam will be its support for highly customizable HUD or Heads Up Display widgets. HUD widgets are able to display information in a visual manner over the top of IPMechCam's camera image. Information can include cross hairs to indicate targeting, sensor and control status relayed back from the mech and even indication of game status such as time remaining in the match and the current health of both you and your opponent.

IPMechCam is the first tool in a line of applications geared for the Mech Warfare robotic competition. Other tools planned include gait visualization and optimization, gait generation, pose/sequence editor and robot control interface.

Current progress can already be viewed in this thread of the Trossen Robotics community forums.

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