Wednesday, May 12, 2010

IPMechCam Features in Progress List

Just wanted to share a list of features for IPMechCam I am currently working towards and their priorities:
  • H - Camera Configuration Dialog (Change IP, username and password without needing to dig into the code)
  • H - Global Widget Color (Color picker w/ preview to set color of all HUD widgets)
  • L - Local Widget Color (Ability to override the global color setting for individual widgets)
  • H - Save and load widget, camera and video preferences (Preferences can be saved to a text file. Preferences are loaded on program startup)
  • M - Screen size scaling (Adjust the frame size and have the camera image and widgets scale accordingly)
  • L - Keyboard hot keys

I have already made some progress with a color picking interface...
At the moment you can mix red, green, and blue to get your desired color. I am also planning to add a control to adjust the color alpha to hopefully allow semitransparent widgets. Having the option of text input would also be nice if a user knows what color they want.

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